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Your Melon is Too Sweet

Reign of Assassins Review

Reign of Assassins | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Guys, we’ve been over this before. Yes, I am an avid horror fan, but I also like to watch other types of films from time to time. There’s a whole bunch of great stuff out there, so I have to make time for it all. Today, I am glad I made time for Su Chao-Pin’s epic martial arts thriller, Reign of Assassins.

An ancient Chinese legend tells of a mystical Buddhist monk who’s remains possess great power. Whoever is [...]

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Time is Running Out

Kill Zone 2 Review

Kill Zone 2 | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I’ve been a fan of martial arts films for at least fifteen years now. Sadly, however, I do not watch them frequently enough to really keep up with the actors or any new trends that may be occurring in the genre. When I do happen to stumble across one and actually have time to watch it, I am blown away at how the genre has evolved. In that regard, Pou-Soi Cheang’s Kill Zone 2 is no exception.

There are many [...]

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They’ll Send You to Hell

Redeemer Review


I’ve had a soft spot for martial arts flicks for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until my first viewing of Gareth Evans’ masterpiece, The Raid: Redemption, that I started craving more exciting, more vicious action. In a similarly savage style, Ernesto Díaz Espinoza presents to fans the brutal film, Redeemer.

Redeemer stars Marko Zaror as the films titular character, who in order to repent for his life’s sins and his past life as a cartel hitman, [...]

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He Planned a Slaughter

Kung Fu Killer Review

Kung Fu Killer

Whenever I take a break from the grotesque horror flicks that I love so very much, it seems I fall back on the same types of films over and over again. Usually I’d throw on some kind of superhero flick or a film about Greek/Roman mythology, but this time around, it is another action-packed martial arts film — Teddy Chan’s Kung Fu Killer.

Hahou Mo (Donnie Yen) turns himself in to the police after accidentally killing a man during [...]

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That’s All You Got, Baby?

The Protector 2 Review

The Protector 2

I know you guys are wondering why I’ve been doing so many non-horror reviews lately. I really just want to share with you some other awesome flicks to maybe broaden your horizons a bit and show you that there a bunch of great movies being released in all genres. I recently reviewed the awesome Ong-Bak trilogy, so what better time than now to also review another Tony Jaa work of art — Prachya Pinkaew’s action infused martial arts epic, [...]

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Catch Them and Kill Them

Ong-Bak Trilogy Review

Ong-Bak Trilogy

Every once in a while, a film comes out that changes the game. It happens in every genre, but most impressive to me, may be when it happens in martial arts films. Not unlike the introduction of the masterpiece of a movie, The Raid, and its sequel (which I still have yet to see), Prachya Pinkaew, Panna Rittikrai, and star Tony Jaa brought audiences a new and exciting experience with 2003’s Ong Bak. Spawning two sequels, the Ong [...]

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