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The Music Doesn’t Belong

Nekromantik Video Review


We might be a day late, but better late than never, especially when it comes to another video review from Rottin’ Roger DeMarco. This time, Roger dives into the…um… classic Jorg Buttgereit flick Nekromantik.

Roger gets into the nitty gritty of things with his Splatter Facts, as always. Now, if you know anything about this 1987 German shock film, then you know it’s pretty out there.  The subject matter is rather ‘controversial,’ so you can only imagine how entertaining [...]

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The Shock Woke Me Up

Sex Murder Art Review

Sex Murder Art | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

It always amazes me how much love and care some studios put into the horror genre’s most obscure and seemingly lost titles. Currently, there are various companies doing so around the world, but when it comes to the controversial films of German director Jorg Buttgereit, there is only one that can take that title — Cult Epics. Bringing new life to some of the most controversial foreign gore films of all time, Cult Epics has previously released beautifully remastered editions [...]

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Slip It In!

Nekromantik Review

There comes in a point in the lives of all horror movie fans where 1980’s slashers just don’t cut it anymore. Research is done and obscure movies are sought after, in hopes of finding new and exciting ways to ‘scare’ oneself or that next level of disgust. That’s usually when films like Cannibal Holocaust or most recently A Serbian Film get viewed for the first time. We’ve all done it and I’m no different. Due to a brand new restoration [...]

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