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I’ll Just Die if I Don’t Get This Recipe

The Stepford Wives Review

The Stepford Wives

Some movies completely slip beneath my radar and I’m ashamed to admit that often I see a remake of a film before I see its predecessor. The Stepford Wives was one of those cases. I saw the god awful 2004 version first and boy did I remember hating it, but I also remember saying, “Man, this ‘could’ be great.” A few years passed and lo and behold, I discovered the original film, which was released in 1975. This version was [...]

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One is Dead, and So Are You

My Bloody Valentine Review

I’ve always loved the fact that any holiday you can think of has been utilized and exploited in the slasher sub-genre. While George Mihalka’s “My Bloody Valentine” isn’t my favorite, it certainly does hold its very own in horror history.

The plot and back-story of this 1981 slasher is pretty creative and I think using mines as the setting is brilliant. If you think of the small, confined tunnels that coalminers have to work in on a consistent basis, then [...]

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