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Illegal in Several States

Blackwoods Review


The name Uwe Boll has been one that I’ve been hearing and reading about for years. Aside from one or two entries from his filmography, it seems that I’ve managed to steer clear of all of his work. With the recent re-release of two of his films on DVD, I finally can cross another one of his projects off of the proverbial list.

Blackwoods tells the story of Matt Sullivan (Patrick Muldoon, Stigmata, Ice Spiders) who is taking [...]

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We Have a Connection

Forgetting the Girl Review

Now that Roger and I have been running this site for some time, I have the opportunity to watch and review such a wide variety of films. We do your every day slasher flicks, we write about creature features and monster movies, but we also get to watch some pretty interesting, outside-of-the-box type of films. More of a psychological drama and less of a straight horror film, Nate Taylor’s Forgetting the Girl is exactly that — an out of the [...]

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Take the Hat Off

Yellowbrickroad Review

Slow burn movies are some of my least favorite horror flicks ever. I don’t necessarily need fast-paced action all the time, but for some reason I just don’t have the patience for them. “Yellowbrickroad,” however, is one that I’m glad I sat through finally, after hearing so many good things about it.

Co-directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton managed to make a film that is very creative and fresh, while still borrowing some elements from the past. I don’t really [...]

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