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It’s Just His Type

Final Girl Review

Final Girl | Horror Movie Review

It is almost impossible to make something that will stand out in a horror fan’s mind among the sea of films out in the wild. We have seen it all and quite frankly, nothing seems original anymore. That is why when a film that delivers something fresh and exciting finally comes around, it is something to cherish and to share with every other fan that you know. That is what I want to do with Tyler Shields’ Final Girl. [...]

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Just the Tip…

I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine Review

I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine

Whenever someone asks to me rattle off a list of my favorite horror films, it’s a rather difficult task. I can’t really pinpoint a ‘Top Five’ or even ‘Top 10’ films that I can say are better than any other five, 10, or even 100. Sure, there are films that I absolutely love, films that I can watch over and over again without losing interest in one bit. One of those films is Rob Zombie’s masterpiece, The Devil’s Rejects. [...]

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I Know Where the Door Is

Extremities Review


At the risk of sounding like a real pervert, I must admit that I am a big fan of rape/revenge films. I’ve seen a bunch of them, from the classic I Spit on Your Grave to made-for-TV flicks like Big Driver. Some of them are more brutal than others, but I always enjoy seeing the carnage that unfolds as the victims take vengeance on the deserving predators. One film from the revenge sub-genre that I never even knew existed, [...]

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That’s a Lot of Dead Whores

Everly Review


Watching the series Holliston not only made me a bigger Adam Green fan, but it also made me appreciate Joe Lynch a whole lot more, as well. Although I had seen Wrong Turn 2 years ago, I didn’t quite remember being blown away by the film’s direction. After watching Green and Lynch together on Holliston, however, I was extremely excited to check out what Lynch had in store for his next project. His next project just happened to be [...]

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Soonest Begun, Soonest Done

Big Driver Review

Big Driver

Even as a ‘film critic’ and being pretty on top of release dates, there are plenty of films that slip right under my nose. Whether they are old movies getting brand new, special limited collector ultra editions or new flicks all together, many get released each week. One of the latest to seemingly come out of no where, at least for me, was Mikael Salomon’s Big Driver, based off of a Stephen King short story.

On her way home [...]

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Fireworks and Unicorn Stallions

88 Review


Revenge films are always some of the most interesting to watch. They can be brutally graphic or slightly more tame, but they are always somewhat relatable, just for the sheer fact that the audience can imagine how it would feel to be in that particular situation. From Meir Zarchi’s I Spit on Your Grave to James Wan’s Death Sentence to the newer Blue Ruin directed by Jeremy Saulnier, every revenge film brings something new and exciting to the table. I [...]

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So We’re the Bait

Cold in July Review

Cold in July

A lot of the films that are reviewed on this site are ones that are drooled over for months, before Roger or I get our hands on them. Some are old films that get new releases, new films that we read about on the internet for a while before they come out, or just a movie we’ve had on our shelves for years, that haven’t been viewed in a while. Then, other times, we get to review films that are [...]

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Just Keeping It In-House

Blue Ruin Review

Blue Ruin

I’ve always found revenge films fascinating. In recent years, Steven Monroe’s I Spit on Your Grave and Kim Jee-woon’s I Saw the Devil pushed the envelope and took revenge horror to the next level. In a similar vein, but played out much differently is Jeremy Saulnier’s new film, Blue Ruin.

Dwight (Macon Blair) is living out of his car and dumpster diving, when he is informed that his parents’ murderer has been released from prison. He returns home to [...]

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