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This is My Head Start

The Shallows Review

The Shallows | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

There have been plenty of shark flicks over the years. After Jaws, there were some serious genre contenders for frightening fish flicks, but the majority seemed to be ‘spoof’ films [for lack of a better term]; The Sharknado franchise, all of The Asylum’s Megashark films, and your random entries like Jersey Shore Shark Attack basically stripped the deep sea terror genre of all of its legitimacy. This is where Jaume Collet-Serra comes in with his newest project, The Shallows [...]

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It’s Happening Again

Sharknado 2: The Second One Review

Sharknado 2

It was rather hard to ignore the commotion created by last year’s SyFy channel event, Sharknado. Still, with all of that fracas, I managed to steer clear of the made-for-TV movie about sharks and tornadoes. With the major push that came about for the film’s sequel, my interest was definitely increasing. While I missed out the on live television premiere, I couldn’t help but read what people had to say on their blogs, YouTube channels, etc. The time has [...]

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