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He Has to Do It…

The Spirit Gallery Review

The Spirit Gallery poster

With the recent increase in the amount of reviews I pump out each week, I’ve managed to dwindle my “to watch” pile down to almost nothing. Although my personally film collection has enough material in it to last a lifetime or two, these are the times where I will always welcome new movies into the fray. The most recent to cross my path is John Strysik’s The Spirit Gallery.

The Plot

Gwendolyn is a God-fearing woman who’s faith in [...]

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You Gonna be a Butthole This Weekend…?

Blood Lake Review

Blood Lake movie review

Anyone who remembers the good old days of video rental stores will recall the awesome artwork that was always on display in the horror section. More often than not, if you weren’t sure of a film, all you had to judge was that beautifully horrifying cover art. For many physical media collectors today, that same allure still exists. There are tons of films being released by countless boutique labels on a daily basis. Quite often, newly commissioned or even just [...]

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Hey Dentist, Hey Dentist

The Violence Movie Review

The Violence Movie | Repulsive Reviws | Horror Movies

There are different tiers of horror film.  I’m not talking about the multitude of sub-genres like found footage, creature feature, etc.  What I’m referring to here is the quality and overall budget level of films in the genre we love.  Of course, there are your Hollywood blockbusters, which most fans seem to hate before they even see so much as a trailer, all the way down to the low-budget indie flicks of your favorite up-and-coming directors.  Then there is the [...]

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