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What’s a Vajayjay?

Famine Review

Famine poster

As we draw closer to the end of 2019, I continue my mission of squeezing in as many horror flicks as I possibly can. My schedule doesn’t allow for as many as I’d like, but I am lucky enough to get in at least a few each week. Tonight’s viewing happened to be of a film by the late Ryan Nicholson entitled Famine.

The Plot

Five years after a prank gone horribly wrong, a group of students are participating [...]

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Hamburger Grease and Raccoon Farts

Pickaxe Review

Pickaxe poster

Generally by now I’d like to have a few Christmas-themed horror flicks reviewed on the site. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be the normal influx of new holiday horror being released this year. With that said, I decided to grab the next film on my to-watch pile instead. That film just happened to be Jeremy Sumrall’s Pickaxe.

The Plot

More than five years after a series of brutal murders in Woodland Hills, notorious murderer Alex Black is resurrected from [...]

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Are You Game?

Slashers Review

Often times a concept can have such power behind it that budget becomes a secondary concern (the first Saw film is a prime example). However, Maurice Devereauxs’ film Slashers falls short of its potential.

I remember renting this film back in 2002 from a small mom and pop video store on concept alone. I read the synopsis and was blown away. I had to check this one out. Fangoria had given it a few nods as well so I snatched [...]

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