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Go Balls Out

Rad Guest Review

Rad poster

Let’s start this review off with talking a little about the release itself.

First thing to note is this is the first time Rad has been releases since VHS and a limited run on Laserdisc. Vinegar Syndrome finally brings this film to not only Blu-ray, but 4K release as well. It is packed with tons of bonus features including a 25 year event that was held for fans of the film, archive interviews with the cast and crew, tons of [...]

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Never Been to Hell Either

The Squeeze Review

The Squeeze

Oddly enough, it seems that almost everyone I talk to in my hometown of Thornwood, NY and its surrounding areas is interested in the sport of golf in one way or another. They either watch it on TV, go to watch live tournaments, personally know someone who plays the game, or play it themselves. Personally, I was never interested in it and don’t see myself becoming interested any time soon. Because of this, when it comes to films about golf, [...]

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