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Where the Heck’s My Grubhub?

Countdown Review

Countdown poster

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat in a theater, viewing trailer after trailer, shouting out, “oh, that is gonna be good!” Sometimes I am right, but sometimes I am totally and utterly wrong. On the other hand, there are times when I completely dismiss a film based on a preview that looks downright awful, only to be surprised by the actual full-length film. That is exactly what happened with Justin Dec’s Countdown.

The Plot

After [...]

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A Lot More Than Just a Videogame

Brainscan Video Review


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Don’t You Have Anything Good?

Brainscan Review

Brainscan | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

EvildeadInks back again with another blast from the past and, yes, the mid 90’s are further back than some of us want to believe. Today, I tackle another video store find that doesn’t get a lot of love, Brainscan.

This bad boy features a still fresh-faced Eddie Furlong, right off the heels of T2. He plays the character Michael who has a taste for horror and by far the most amazing electronic setup in his room ever put [...]

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Puttin’ it in ‘Em

i-LIVED Review


There are certain directors that I enjoy so much that I’d never miss a new project by them. After his work on P2 and Maniac, one of those directors is Franck Khalfoun. His latest film, i-LIVED had tons of promise, but unfortunately, managed to fall a little flat.

Josh is a struggling 20-something year old who reviews apps in his tiny apartment. His girlfriend has left him and he can’t seem to get ahead in any aspect of his [...]

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Can You Keep a Secret?

Open Windows Review

Open Windows

There seems to be a neat little trend catching on in the horror scene over the last year or so. It may even be considered a new sub-genre all together. I’ve seen some refer to it as ‘tech horror,’ but I like to refer to it as cyber horror, myself. Whatever you call it, films like The Den or segments from the V/H/S/ franchise are utilizing the growing trends of social media and digital technology to make for some pretty [...]

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