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Whatever Planet That Sucks Dick

Uncaged Review

Uncaged | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I recently reviewed a surprisingly entertaining werewolf flick that came seemingly out of nowhere. Straight off the heels of that look at Howl comes another were- flick, also somewhat out of the blue and straight to home release. This time, it is Daniel Robbins’ independent effort, Uncaged.

Shortly after turning 18, Jack (Ben Getz) gets a letter from his uncle, inviting him to stay at his cabin. His cousin, Brandon (Zack Weiner), and friend, Turner (Kyle Kirkpatrick), decide to [...]

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Bears Don’t Howl

Howl Review

Howl | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

There are a number of horror sub-genres that have been done to death (no pun intended). The ones that come to mind right away are, of course, zombie flicks, any found footage type of supernatural film, vampires, and werewolves. With that said, however, it is still possible, although rare, for a film that revolves around any of that stuff to come out and be somewhat original. Enter Paul Hyett and his latest flick. Howl is not only original, but it [...]

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I Got a Hand in a Baggie

Wolfen Review


There have been plenty of times that I’ve searched Google for “the top 10 werewolf movies” in hopes of finding that hidden gem of a were flick that I may have missed. Those lists always seemed to contain the same flicks — An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, etc. — and I never really found anything new or exciting. The more digging I did, however, the more I learned of how deep the wolfman sub-genre actually is. [...]

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How’s Your Butt?

WolfCop Review


Hot off the heels of a great werewolf flick, comes another review dealing with the wolfman sub-genre. In general, I try to stay away from films that have overly silly titles or plots, but occasionally, depending on my mood, will give one a shot. I’m glad I did this time around because Lowell Dean’s widely talked about WolfCop is a great watch all around!

Alcoholic sheriff Lou Garou is turned into a werewolf during a kidnapping and subsequent ancient ritual. [...]

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Yeah, I Could Smell It

Late Phases Team Review

Late Phases

Werewolves made their way to the silver screen with an unforgettable performance by arguably one of the greatest character actors of his time, Lon Chaney Jr., in the classic film The Wolf Man. Since its release in 1941, countless imitations and re-imaginings have failed to capture what made that film in particular so mesmerizing the first time we saw it. Whether it is the absolute terror we felt watching the wolf man stalk his victims or it was our [...]

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Remove the Handcuffs

Wer Review


I had to take a little bit of a hiatus because I hadn’t watched anything noteworthy lately. With a trip to my local used movie shop, I found a copy of William Brent Bell’s Wer. I remembered the trailer, so I was ridiculously excited to watch it and spread the good word. Once I got home and was sure that no one would interrupt the good time I was about to have, I let the movie roll.

I have [...]

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