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Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Wrecker Review

Wrecker | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

One of my most recent reviews was of the John Carpenter flick Christine. Based on the novel by the prolific Stephen King, Christine told the story of a car that is seemingly possessed by some supernatural entity. There was plenty of terror on the streets to be had here, but what happens when you take away the supernatural aspect and place a real person behind the wheel of a vehicle and he is the one who decides to cause [...]

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Everything is New to Me

Amnesiac Review


There are a number of factors that can make a film of any genre an unenjoyable experience. The acting could be horrendous, the special effects can look unrealistic, or the overall quality of the film can be poor, especially in the case of an independent, low-budget venture. Even if all of these checklist items can be marked off as passable, a movie can still suffer. Sometimes the plotline/story is just plain boring. Unfortunately, that is the case with Michael Polish’s [...]

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Don’t F*ck With Time

Time Lapse Review

Time Lapse

I’m usually pretty hesitant when it comes to watching films about time travel. I’d like to think of myself as a rather intelligent person, but if you miss one little detail in a film of this nature, it can throw everything off, leaving you lost the entire time. I do, however, watch them from time to time and I do my best when trying to pick up on little hints and clues throughout, in order to stay focused. The most [...]

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Like Dog Sh*t on Toast

Strange Blood Review

Strange Blood

By now, you all know that there are certain studios that I support 100%. Every release that XLrator Media puts out, whether under their Macabre label or otherwise, I get excited about. Like a few other letdowns recently, however, the latest XLrator release is kind of a disappointment. While it had some shining moments, Chad Michael Ward’s Strange Blood was lackluster overall.

Dr. Henry Moorehouse is on the verge of finding a cure for all known illnesses, ranging from the [...]

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You’re Already Being Forgotten

Poker Night Review

Poker Night

There are a few actors out there that can automatically make a film ten times better just by being a part of it. One of my favorites of these talented bunch is a man who seems to be popping up everywhere I look as of late, Michael Eklund. Every time I see him listed in a film’s cast, I know I will be in for a treat and it is no different this time around with Greg Francis’ masterful horror [...]

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Do Not Fail Me

Ironclad: Battle for Blood Review

Ironclad: Battle for Blood

I usually am pretty strict about not watching a sequel to a film before I’ve even seen the first in the series. Once I learned of Jonathan English’s Ironclad movies, however, I broke that ‘rule’ and went straight to the second installment, Ironclad: Battle for Blood.

In Battle for Blood, a personal war between the Scots and English has once again erupted. When his father is slain, young master Hubert (Tom Rhys Harries) is sent to find his [...]

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