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God Makes a Journey For All of Us

The Human Race Review

The Human Race

Paul Hough’s The Human Race is an American answer to Battle Royale with more balls, character development, and blood than the over hyped Hunger Games films. While similar to BR, this film manages to be its own completely unique entity.

Starting off with 80 contestants and a set of rules — 1. If You are lapped twice, you die. 2. If you step off the path, you die. 3. If you touch the grass, you die. 4. Race or [...]

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It Taught Itself

The Machine  Review

The Machine

Roger and I have both grown very fond of the independent films put out by XLrator Media, under their horror label, XLrator Macabre. Until recently, I had no idea that they also have another label entitled XLrator Turbo. While Caradog W. James’ The Machine does contain the action promised by XLrator Turbo, it also has plenty of sci-fi nerdiness and bloody maiming to please most of you horror fans out there.

In a futuristic world, Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens) is [...]

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It’s Bound to Leave Some Scars

Holy Ghost People Review

XLrator Media is quickly becoming one of my favorite studios which releases films in the horror genre, under their Macabre label. I know Roger has written reviews for a few of their films (see Saturday Morning Mystery, Banshee Chapter) and after watching Outpost, myself, I can say I know for certain that this studio is dedicated to releasing only the best to the horror community. Mitchell Altieri’s Holy Ghost People is definitely no exception to that notion. [...]

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Hell is a Cold Place After All

Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz Review

The merging of the Nazi regime and the resurrected undead is not a new idea in the horror genre. In fact, not only have we seen it before in films like Dead Snow, but it’s also been in used in multiple installments of the very popular video game franchise, Call of Duty. Kieran Parker’s 2013 film entitled Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz is not only a fun entry into the ever-explored Nazi zombie sub-genre, but it is also [...]

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Nobody Said Anything About Restraints

Banshee Chapter Review

Yet another XLrator Macabre film to knock my socks off was Blair Erickson’s Banshee Chapter. I picked it up on a whim and really enjoyed it from start to finish. While not completely a found footage film, Banshee Chapter utilizes the format, when needed.

Ted Levine really brings out his creativity in his role as Thomas Blackburn (a Hunter S. Thompson-esque washed-up writer). So many things have been done and beaten to death in the found footage sub-genre that [...]

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F*ck Your Inner Child

Saturday Morning Mystery Review

When I was growing up we had a ton of great cartoons to watch early Saturday morning. With a big bowl of cereal and our trusty real ghostbuster pajamas, we sat through hours of animated bliss. Among those cartoons was the classic and always fun Scooby-Doo. Years later, our generation is all grown up and we often get into random conversations about the things we grew up on. For instance, would the Mystery Machine crew really be good at [...]

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