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The Last Slumber Party Team Review

I want to start my review off in a positive manor, so let me just say I did enjoy this film. However, I didn’t enjoy it for the right reasons. The Last Slumber Party was written and directed by Stephen Tyler (not of Aerosmith). I say written and directed very loosely, as well, because it seems to me like very little effort was put into this film, which is not uncommon, especially in the 80’s. However, little is excusable here.

This film centers around a group of teenage girls on the last day of school, throwing a slumber party that a homicidal maniac decides to crash. Not an overly complex or original plot, although countless other films manage to pull it off much better. The acting in this film is atrocious. The characters have zero depth with the exception of a few small lines lifted from “Halloween.” It’s hard to give victims less character than your garden variety slasher movie, but this film does it. The editing and pacing are also quite bothersome for me. The editor must have also felt it necessary to use the same footage of the killer walking towards the camera… over and over and over.

This isn’t a great way to spend a Saturday night, if you want to be scared, but if you want to watch a b-movie with your friends and have a good laugh, I fully recommend this movie.

Rottin’ Roger Demarco Certified 2.5 butcher knives out of 5.

Believe it or not, I think I enjoyed this movie a little more than my fine feathered friend, Rottin’ Roger. I do have to agree with some of what he said, however… okay, well, all of what he said is dead on; The acting in this film ranges from piss poor to just okay, the editing is the worst I’ve seen, and the way the story played out didn’t make a whole ton of sense. To elaborate on the editing issues, not only was the same random scene of the killer used multiple times throughout the film, but it seemed that they must have used different cameras to shoot this entire movie because some scenes were of a specific quality and others were of a very noticable lesser quality. The editors couldn’t even be bothered to make sure that the music score wasn’t affected, as viewers clearly hear chops in the ‘songs’ from time to time.

An interesting thing that I came to realize is that this non-Aerosmith Stephen Tyler must clearly have been a huge bigot towards homosexuals. The entire movie is littered with insults about “queers,” “homos,” and “faggots.” I’m not sure what Mr. Tyler was trying to accomplish with this script, but he couldn’t have had very high hopes.

With all negativity aside, I really would recommend this movie, but only to real, die-hard slasher fans. Overall, I give “The Last Slumber Party” 2.5 scalpels out of 5!

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