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That is Not a Handsome Horse

Bone Tomahawk Review

Bone Tomahawk | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Every once in a while, a genre film is released that causes a commotion amongst loyal fans who keep a close eye to what is going on in the scene. These films are usually talked about in length as soon as they are announced, generally during pre-production or even before. On rare occasion, however, a film is released, seemingly out of nowhere, that causes an even larger stir because, well, it was completely unexpected. The latest film to fall into [...]

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Fresh Swedish Meat

Companeros Review


Most conversations regarding horror, at one point or another, end up involving mention of Italian cinema and Giallo films. Discussion of Giallo films then lead to spaghetti westerns. I have admittedly not seen very many spaghetti westerns, but the couple that I have seen have been rather enjoyable. The latest one that I’ve added to my collection is Sergio Corbucci’s 1970 action-packed comedy, Companeros.

Yodlaf Peterson is a suave Swedish arms dealer with a love for fast money. [...]

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