And I Want to Know You’re Rotting in Hell

Bat$hit!crazy. Album Review

Bat$hit!crazy. album cover

It is no secret that my love of horror is not strictly prohibited to cinema. Almost everything I love has something horror-related entrenched deep in its roots. It’s no surprise then that my taste in music also happens to stray towards the spooky side of things. Most of the time, you can find me listening to horrorcore rap. Occasionally, however, I also enjoy horror music of the rock persuasion. That is where the band Bat$hit!crazy. comes in with their self-titled [...]

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Got Me Movin’ Like I’m on the Booger Sugar

Smoke Break - Full Flavor Album Review

Smoke Break - Full Flavor

Here at Repulsive Reviews, I tend to stick to what I know best; I’ve been reviewing horror flicks for years now. Even still, I’ve been known to venture into other genres and even other forms of media, too. This time, I’m doing something totally different, with my first full-fledged album review. While this isn’t the first one I’ve ever done, it certainly is the first that I am presenting here on the site.

If you are here just for horror [...]

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