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Best Horror of 2021

Best Horror of 2021

Another year has come and gone, and it is now time to help spread the word of some of the best that the horror genre had to offer in film, television, and more.

I actually somewhat dread making these lists year after year because there are plenty of things that I’ve either missed out on or just haven’t had the time to consume. I’m sure this list would look much different if I had actually gotten around to watching things [...]

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She Had Too Much Soda!

Werewolves Within Review

Werewolves Within poster

It’s been quite some time since my last written review, so I promise to do my best to even remember how to do this. I generally make it a point to watch as many Christmas-themed horror films as possible during the month of December every year. Thus, making it pretty odd that my return to written form would not fit that criteria even in the slightest. It does offer me some solace, however, that one of my favorite holiday-related horrors [...]

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This is a Clue

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Review

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions poster

I’m not sure how this happened, but it is already October 9. This means that not only is time going much quicker than I already suspected, but also that we are well into spooky season. Since I’ve been doing quite a bit of horror watching anyway, I figured it only appropriate to check in and share my thoughts on at least one new film. The movie in question today is Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

The Plot

Six people [...]

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Must be the Ghost Again

Seance Review

Seance poster

Aside from a recent return to that thing they call a movie theater after more than a year, I have really been slacking when it comes to my movie-viewing hobby. For months, films have just been stacking up all around me because, lets face it, even when I’m not watching films, I am still buying them. With no real set direction to head in, I figured what better way to re-start my film journey than with another [hopefully] good old [...]

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You Can’t Be Here

Morgue Review


Back when video rental stores still existed, I remember walking the aisles for what seemed like hours, hunting for the next best horror flick to watch. Now that those places have gone the way of the dinosaurs, it is almost even more difficult to choose a film for the night’s viewing. Sure, everything is at our fingertips now, but between countless streaming services to pick from and the hundreds of physical media stored on my shelves, I spend more time [...]

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I’m Gonna Feast on Your Face

Willy's Wonderland Review

Willy's Wonderland

It’s time once again to dust off the old keyboard and warm up my digits to give you fine folks another new horror movie review. I couldn’t think of any better way of returning to written form than with Kevin Lewis’ blast of a film, Willy’s Wonderland.

The Plot

Unable to pay for repairs after his car breaks down, a quiet loner is forced to spend the night in an abandoned children’s indoor play place. When the animatronic mascots [...]

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