Where’s the Funky Bunch, Man?

Primal Rage Review

Primal Rage | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

When I’m not at work, the gym, or some family get-together, the majority of my time is spent watching and sharing my thoughts on movies. This leaves me very little time to look at what others are saying about films — which ones are good, which ones people should steer clear of. Thanks to social media, however, I am able to get a small glimpse into what is circulating around the genre. One film that I saw over and over [...]

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So You Like Scary Stories, Do Ya?

The Dark Review

The Dark | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been watching tons of movies lately. I’ve been able to dig into things that I, a few months ago, thought I’d never have time for. A little shifting around of my every day routine, however, has allowed me the luxury of checking out some horror flicks that otherwise would go unwatched, collecting dust on my shelves. Tonight’s feature is Justin P. Lange’s The Dark.

The Plot

A wanted man finds refuge in rundown [...]

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Killing Boners All Over the World

Streets of Vengeance Review

Streets of Vengeance | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I ran out of shelf space for my ever-growing film collection a long time ago. The more movies I amass, the higher my stacks grow. Because of this poor choice of organization, it’s very easy for me to misplace things. I do go digging from time to time and end up seeing a release or two that catches my attention. Tonight’s attention-grabber was Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba’s Streets of Vengeance.

The Plot

The San Francisco Slasher is [...]

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Collectibles for Horror Lovers: NECA

Spine-Chilling Spotlight

NECA | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Collectibles Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Last week I showcased a company that puts out some amazing merchandise that all horror fans can appreciate. Luckily for us diehard collectors, there is more than one distributor out there that aides in feeding our ever-growing horror shrines. One of the best ones doing it today is, of course, NECA.

NECA, short for National Entertainment Collectibles Association, is one of the largest manufacturers of toys, statues, and other collectibles anywhere. They have released merchandise based on all of our [...]

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I Love Your Spirit

Truth or Dare Review

Truth or Dare | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

I’m not sure when I first learned of this film, but I’ve been looking for a copy of it ever since. Every so often, I’d search a couple of the usual spots for a new home video release — Amazon, eBay — to no avail. The thought never came to me to just go straight to the source, the director herself! After years of waiting, I’ve finally had the pleasure of watching Jessica Cameron’s Truth or Dare.

The Plot

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I Wish I Could Be That Scarf

Brutal Review

Brutal | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Watching as many movies as I do these days, it becomes rather difficult to get excited too often. There are the occasional rumblings, however. The one-off posts on social media, the positive chatter. Sometimes it’s for blockbuster nationwide releases and sometimes those rumblings are for underground releases, perhaps on their way to some kind of cult status. I feel like that very well could happen with Takashi Hirose’s Brutal.

The Plot

Man murders women. Woman murders men. What happens [...]

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