It’s Not Even Hunting Season

Hunters Review

Hunters movie review

After my introduction into the world of filmmaker Adam Ahlbrandt a couple of weeks back, I knew I had to get my hands on some more of his work. It took a bit of digging around the web and some help from some kind people in a Facebook group I belong to, but I was finally able to track down an affordable copy of his 2016 movie, Hunters.

The Plot

A group of friends set out into the woods [...] “It’s Not Even Hunting Season”

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All That and Much More

All the Colors of the Dark Review

All the Colors of the Dark | Repsulive Reviews | Horror Movies

Even with all of my shelves overflowing with home media, it is extremely difficult for me to choose something to watch each and every time I sit down to enjoy a movie. There are certain moods one has to be in in order to watch certain sub-genre of horror cinema. Tonight struck me as the perfect time to watch Sergio Martino’s All the Colors of the Dark.

The Plot

After a car accident that caused the loss of her [...] “All That and Much More”

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Why Can’t We Just Have Normal Friends?

The Pigman Murders Review

The Pigman Murders

For anyone who has followed my reviews over the years, it is no secret that I used to dislike watching independent films. Since starting Repulsive Reviews, however, my appreciation for low-budget, do-it-yourself horror films has greatly increased. I actually look forward to watching a lot of the lesser known flicks by up-and-coming filmmakers quite a bit now. The latest one that I can scratch off my list is Stephen Patrick Kenny’s The Pigman Murders.

The Plot

A group of [...] “Why Can’t We Just Have Normal Friends?”

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We’re Gonna Get Shot At

Big Kill Review

Big Kill movie review

I try my best to keep the ‘repulsive’ in my reviews. Even still, over the years, I’ve been known to review films from different genres. The newest non-horror film to cross my path is a little western known as Big Kill, directed by Scott Martin.

The Plot

On his way to visit his brother in the booming town of Big Kill, Jim (Christoph Sanders) is joined by two misfit gamblers who are on the run. Now, with his new [...] “We’re Gonna Get Shot At”

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I’ll Take You Out For Some Chicken

She Wolf Review

She Wolf movie review

Not only did I really miss out on Women in Horror Month this year, but one could say I failed completely. That brings me to today, International Women’s Day, and my almost unintentional attempt at rectifying that particular failure. Quite fittingly, today’s film of choice was the 2013 Argentinian film featuring a female lead — Tamae Garateguy’s She Wolf.

The Plot

A serial killer uses the art of seduction to lure her male victims to their deaths. Unfortunately for [...] “I’ll Take You Out For Some Chicken”

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I Got a Giant Forest in My Pants

The Cemetery Review

The Cemetery movie review

I am lucky enough to live a simple life; My day-to-day goings-on are not very stressful and I can relax a lot of the time. Even still, it is nice to come home after a day of work and the gym to turn off my brain and throw on a horror flick that doesn’t require much thought. I got to do that tonight with Adam Ahlbrandt’s The Cemetery.

The Plot

A group of aspiring filmmakers and non-believing paranormal investigators [...] “I Got a Giant Forest in My Pants”

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