Fatal Attraction Meets the Blob

The Special Guest Review

The Special poster

I started digging into my massive physical media pile and wanted to start hitting some lesser known movies that really need to be seen (in my opinion). The Special was directed by B. Harrison Smith, the man that created one of the worst horror movies in recent history, Death House, but you should not hold this against him. The Special is head and shoulders above Death House.

The story is simple but severely messed up. The Special introduces [...]

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Have Faith in Fear

Amulet Guest Review

Amulet poster

It’s 2024 already and there are so many movies that missed their chance for an audience because of the pandemic of 2020. I plan to deep dive into some movies that didn’t get the chance at the bigger audiences they deserved. As a horror fan, I get asked a lot “what are some of your favorite underrated horror movies?” Amulet is one such movie.

Romola Garai is the first time director and writer that created this twisted gothic nightmare. You [...]

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No One Just Disappears

Horror in the High Desert Review

Horror in the High Desert poster

As you get to know me and my movie choosing habits, I am a found footage addict. I am totally obsessed with this horror sub-genre ever since I saw Cannibal Holocaust when I was a youngster. Fast forward a couple of decades, and found footage has exploded on the Hollywood scene (thanks to the Blair Witch Project). Found Footage movies are extremely cheap to make; All you need is a story, a script, and a couple of friends that [...]

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What Happened to the Starnes Family on the Night of July 18th 2018?

Life of Belle Review

Life of Belle

Recently I joined a found footage movie group on Facebook. I usually stay away from FB groups since they always seemed to be just a place where people attack each other on their opinions and talk crap, but I was bored and thought I would try it out. After a week or two, I found out that a lot of first time movie makers will post their teaser trailers and shorts in this group. Shawn Robinson asked if he could [...]

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A Gradual Descent Into Madness

Masking Threshold Review

Masking Threshold poster

I was looking over my physical media stockpile hoping to find something new to watch. Nothing really jumped out at me, so I went online and checked out my VOD options. That is when I came across a movie called Masking Threshold; Having never heard of it before, I watched the trailer (something I try not to do generally), and it was the perfect combination of psychosis and creepiness. After watching the trailer, I couldn’t click on the rent [...]

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Home is Where He Lays Your Head

The Hoot Owl Review

The Hoot Owl poster

With social media as it is, it’s hard to not hear about movies, especially if you are a horror nut like myself. So as I was scrolling through my movie options last night I came across The Hoot Owl. I haven’t heard a word about this movie, but the trailer looked decent enough, so I took a chance and rented it.

The Hoot Owl follows the story of a young couple, April and Scott, who along with her sister [...]

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