Fatal Attraction Meets the Blob

The Special Guest Review

The Special poster

I started digging into my massive physical media pile and wanted to start hitting some lesser known movies that really need to be seen (in my opinion). The Special was directed by B. Harrison Smith, the man that created one of the worst horror movies in recent history, Death House, but you should not hold this against him. The Special is head and shoulders above Death House.

The story is simple but severely messed up. The Special introduces [...]

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Have Faith in Fear

Amulet Guest Review

Amulet poster

It’s 2024 already and there are so many movies that missed their chance for an audience because of the pandemic of 2020. I plan to deep dive into some movies that didn’t get the chance at the bigger audiences they deserved. As a horror fan, I get asked a lot “what are some of your favorite underrated horror movies?” Amulet is one such movie.

Romola Garai is the first time director and writer that created this twisted gothic nightmare. You [...]

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Go Balls Out

Rad Guest Review

Rad poster

Let’s start this review off with talking a little about the release itself.

First thing to note is this is the first time Rad has been releases since VHS and a limited run on Laserdisc. Vinegar Syndrome finally brings this film to not only Blu-ray, but 4K release as well. It is packed with tons of bonus features including a 25 year event that was held for fans of the film, archive interviews with the cast and crew, tons of [...]

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F*ck Yeah, We’re Cool!

Better Watch Out Guest Review

Better Watch Out | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

So by turning on VRV, I decided to watch one of the movies on my viewing list while I gamed. The choice of the day — 2016’s Better Watch Out. The film claims to be a play on the old home invasion films, but it has one huge twist during half of the film that I can not say without giving it away. So it is a bit of a true challenge to review this film without giving away [...]

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The Apocalypse Has a Name… But it’s Not This

Cards of Death Guest Review

Cards of Death | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Cards of Death has a very interesting existence and story. Written by, directed by, and starring Will MacMillan (The Crazies, Christmas Evil), the film was released in 1986 via a limited edition VHS run in Japan. After this, the film was considered lost for 28 years until Bleeding Skull Video got their hands on a copy and decided to re-release the film in America, again via a limited edition VHS run.

The plot for Cards of Death [...]

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Something’s Coming

10 Cloverfield Lane Guest Review

10 Cloverfield Lane | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Tight spaces, frogs, and being kidnapped. Those are the things that encompass what I fear the most. However, aside from the occasional tight car ride or near-fatal bullfrog encounter, those fears are seldom reached. My comfort zone was all but obliterated the night I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane.

I consider myself a sensible man, when it comes to fictitious media. I’ve always been able to remind myself what I am viewing is not real, and continue viewing it without [...]

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