We’re Out of Fresh Meat

The Barge People Review

The Barge People poster

I’ve just got back from a nice little, much needed family vacation a couple of days ago. Rather than wait too long, I’ve decided to jump right back into my normal routine, and give another new horror flick a go. This time, it is one that I’ve been excited about, Charlie Steeds’ 2018 effort, The Barge People.

The Plot

A group consisting of sisters Kat and Sophie and their boyfriends, Mark and Ben, set off on what is to [...]

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And I Want to Know You’re Rotting in Hell

Bat$hit!crazy. Album Review

Bat$hit!crazy. album cover

It is no secret that my love of horror is not strictly prohibited to cinema. Almost everything I love has something horror-related entrenched deep in its roots. It’s no surprise then that my taste in music also happens to stray towards the spooky side of things. Most of the time, you can find me listening to horrorcore rap. Occasionally, however, I also enjoy horror music of the rock persuasion. That is where the band Bat$hit!crazy. comes in with their self-titled [...]

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This is For My Facebook

Reel Review

Reel poster

When I first started reviewing horror films, I was under this odd assumption that once I launched a site, people would eventually approach me to review their films. I learned very quickly that that was most certainly not the case, at least in my experience. More often than not, I am begging and pleading for upcoming releases to review. Still, there is the rare occasion where someone will contact me through one of my social media accounts, asking if I [...]

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Use the Big End

Gutterballs Review

Gutterballs poster

Recently, I recorded a video for my YouTube channel going over all of the films that I own that have been released by Unearthed Films. This might have been a poor decision because it really just made me realize the amount of titles I needed to fill some holes in my collection. Of course, being the insane collector that I am, I tried to remedy this as fast as I could. This lead me to acquiring two of the company’s [...]

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I’m So Much Happier Now

1BR Review

1BR poster

Times are tough for movie lovers. Hell, times are tough for everyone really, so movie lovers shouldn’t really be complaining. What I mean is if one of your favorite pastimes is catching a new flick at the local theater, you’ve been out of luck for quite a while now. There are generally a lot of straight-to-home release films that would fall under many people’s radar, but maybe now is a perfect opportunity to give some of those movies a chance. [...]

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Give Him Your Death Blow

Enter the Fat Dragon Review

Enter the Fat Dragon poster

It should come as no surprise at this point that I love all types of film, not just horror. Hell, if you’ve been following this site for a long time, I’m sure you’ve had to suffer through some non-horror reviews before. Well, I hate to disappoint, but I have to do it to you one more time. Tonight’s viewing pleasure went to an action comedy, Kenji Tanigaki’s Enter the Fat Dragon.

The Plot

Officer Fallon Zhu is one of [...]

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