Superman Punch Him, Ronald

Glass Review

Glass movie review by Repulsive Reviews

I’d imagine as a filmmaker it is very hard to please fans all the time. The more movies you create, the more of a chance you have of producing a dud or two. This has certainly been said about M. Night Shyamalan over the years. With his recent rash of films, however, it seems that he has actually re-gained the trust of his fanbase. Was the long time director able to win over viewers once again with his latest project, [...]

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Got Me Movin’ Like I’m on the Booger Sugar

Smoke Break - Full Flavor Album Review

Smoke Break - Full Flavor

Here at Repulsive Reviews, I tend to stick to what I know best; I’ve been reviewing horror flicks for years now. Even still, I’ve been known to venture into other genres and even other forms of media, too. This time, I’m doing something totally different, with my first full-fledged album review. While this isn’t the first one I’ve ever done, it certainly is the first that I am presenting here on the site.

If you are here just for horror [...]

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This Reminds Me of Something

Red Room 2 Review

Red Room 2 movie review

With so many movies to watch and so little free time, it is very difficult to plan out a viewing schedule and actually stick to it. I am pulled in many directions, between watching movies for pleasure and watching those that I’ve been sent for the sole purpose of sharing my thoughts on, here on the site. Still, I was lucky enough, this time around, to actually stick to a plan; I was able to watch a sequel to a [...]

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Hip Hop for Horror Lovers: Natas – Life After Death

Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Natas - Life After Death Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Back in December, as we were approaching the new year, I wrote an article discussing a few hip hop albums that I deemed worthy of a horror movie fan’s attention. Now, months later, I’ve decided to dive a little deeper into the world of “horrorcore” rap with an album that is over 25 years old — Life After Death by the collective known as Natas.

The History

In 1989, Detroit emcee, Esham A. Smith, released his debut album entitled Boomin’ [...]

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She is the Tribal Freak!

Nemesis 2: Nebula Review

Nemesis 2: Nebula movie review

After my recent foray into the cinematic world of filmmaker Albert Pyun, I knew I had to get my hands on more. Luckily for me, it didn’t take too long for me to acquire a newly remastered copy of Nemesis 2: Nebula.

The Plot

More than 70 years after LAPD officer Alex Rain failed to stop renegade cyborgs, humans have become enslaved. Scientists have developed a new DNA strain that can help in ending the Cyborg Wars for good [...]

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He Had 900 Teeth

Master of Dark Shadows Review

Master of Dark Shadows movie review

Growing up, I was never a fan of documentaries. I’m not sure if I had some sort of aversion to learning new things or just found them boring. All I know is the mere mention of a documentary and I was immediately turned off to the entire viewing experience. Fast forward to now and I can’t get enough of these bad boys. My favorite, of course, being anything to do with the horror genre. Today, I had the pleasure of [...]

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