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Night of the Demons Guest Review

When I was six years old, while many of my peers in class were watching “Garfield,” I was already into horror movies. Some of my favorite movies from the 80’s revolve around demonic possession and one that particularity comes to mind is the 1988 Kevin S. Tenney directed “Night Of The Demons.” This movie also spawned two terrible sequels and an even worse remake, with a sequel to the remake in the planning stages called “Night Of The Demons: After Party.”

The movie opens with what I would call one of my all time favorite theme songs, next to the “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” usual — a jarring organ-laced rhythm that I’ve actually sampled in one of my songs, that takes me straight back to the 80’s every time I hear it. It stars a beautiful young girl named Cathy Podewell as our heroin Judy, and Linnea Quigley adds her scream queen flare to an otherwise near flat cast. Linnea will always hold a special place in my heart, after “Return Of The Living Dead” and the ‘lipstick scene’ will never leave my memory.

Straight to the point, this movie is fantastic and still holds the test of time. The special effects remain some of my favorites, with that old-school attention to detail and A+ makeup. Bottom line, if you met one of these demons in a dark house, you would be terrified.

Angela is the weird girl in class and the one throwing the party at Hull House, a haunted crematorium that lays beyond an underground stream (apparently evil can not cross flowing water…hmmm). Once the party starts, the fun begins. Stooge and Sal are my personal favorite characters.

The acting is amazing for what this is, a great low budget horror movie, and the effects are some of the better ones to come from the 80’s. The kills are fun and Linnea always delivers in this genre.

Overall, I give this movie 4 apples with razor blades out of 5.

Raven Hunter is long time friend of Repulsive Reviews writer and webmaster, Frank Fulci. He is an underground hip-hop artist from Salisbury, MD.

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