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Morbid Mini-Review

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Not every slasher film can become as memorable as the greats from the 80’s. The promises of amazing cover art and a clever tag line are used frequently to dupe an unsuspecting person to fall victim to another bad movie. Such is the case with Chuck Conry’s film, Morbid.

A small town becomes the playground to a masked killer stalking and killing the locals for no apparent reason. With the town’s sheriff and locals still more worried about a high school football game than getting to the bottom of what’s going on, one detective from out-of-town must rush to save the lives of a group of teens tossing a party in the middle of all the chaos. But as we soon learn, these teens have some complicated issues of their own.

Many promises are made by Morbid, with stellar box art and a catchline that compares its ending to Sleepaway Camp. While I commend the filmmakers, actors, and everyone else involved for giving it their all, this was just a ridiculously bad film. I’m all for low-budget horror, but these no budget horror films are getting a little out of hand.

Experiences like this make it frustrating to search the endless sea of direct-to-video horror films, looking for something new and exciting. They can’t all be winners, but this movie is just plain bad. It does have some redeeming factors, however. Perhaps a drinking game to make it more fun:

– 1 shot every time you hear Sky Walker’s name
– 1 shot every time you hear the word “Grundy”
– 1 shot every time you see the Grundy TV logo

It’s a short list, but trust me… you won’t survive! You might have to post comments or videos letting us know how well you handled this film.

I personally give Morbid .5 red ties out of 5.

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