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Silent Night Mini-Review

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What is not to love about Christmas movies? Especially Christmas movies that fall into the “slasher” category. There are countless slasher-themed holiday movies, with the late 70’s and early 80’s bringing some of the best. The best known holiday horror movie would more than likely be Silent Night, Deadly Night, coming at a time when mothers were against anything violent in a Christmas movie. My personal favorite pick would be the Tales From The Crypt episode, “And All Through The House.” That one 20 minute episode robbed all the innocence out of Christmas. It was amazing, but for every excellent holiday horror movie like To All a Good Night, there is a dozen horrible examples (I’m looking at you, Santa Claws). With that said, let’s have a look at a 2012 Christmas slasher movie, Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night, and see which side this movie falls on.

First off, let me just say, I was honestly overjoyed at one simple fact, which sounds weird, but this movie goes to a place very few horror movies will go — children are not off limits. It’s an odd guilty pleasure, a movie that will show what many won’t. Anyway, on we go. Silent Night is basically a loose remake of the aforementioned popular 80’s slasher, Silent Night, Deadly Night. It’s a dark, fun movie with plenty of amazing kills. Trust me, seeing a nearly nude woman being fed into a wood chipper is very satisfying, to say the least. Malcolm McDowell is fantastic, as always, and brings wit and humor to the film. Jamie King, on the other hand, does a fine job, but she has never really been that great of an actor to me anyway.

All in all, I would recommend this film to anyone who loves horror movies, let alone those, like myself, who are big fans of the horror-themed holidays. Good acting, great mayhem. This is without a doubt my favorite Christmas slasher film, post 1989.

I give this film 4 popping eyeballs out of 5.

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