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Amityville: It's About Time Review

Amityville 1992: It's About Time | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

Time to hit the nostalgia sweet spot for me once again with this one.  The Amityville series is a unique one, to say the least, and this movie is no exception. Amityville 1992, another film I owned on VHS, back in the day, right before we moved towns and didn’t have cable or a close video store, so we snagged as much new cinema as we could before the move. This was one of those gems and it holds all of 1992 within it, so much so that it’s in the title.

The evil truly does escape, when a clock from that haunted home is purchased and brought into a new home, and hey, evil hitched a ride. To me, it strays a bit when your main character is being tormented outside of the home… defeats the purpose of a haunted house film to me. I will let that slide though because it sets up the somewhat familiar formula of a member of the home slowly becoming a puppet of the evil. In this instance, Jakob is attacked by a dog and gets this wicked bite on his leg that’s rocking the blood and pus for most the movie.

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time‘s body count overall is low and, in the end, completely reversed. You do get a killer ice cream truck scene that’s more fitting for a Clint Howard picture, however. Again, did I mention how 1992 this movie is?  The decor and clothing screams it. In the end, the damn clock has grown into the house, literally, and wow, what a reveal that is. I can’t really complain how we have killer tapes and cell phones, when back in the day, it was a clock.

All in all, being a shorter review than the normal, I give this flick a 3 outta 5. Amityville 1992 has got some problems and it doesn’t help being later in the Amityville series. I do love a good sequel and a bad one, sometimes even more so. I did search for many years to find a DVD copy of this bad boy and even asked actor Stephen Macht if he owned a copy… nope. He did smile though, when I rolled up on him at a con, not wanting to discuss Monster Squad but Amityville instead. Dude even said if he found a copy, he would send one my way. We did beat him to the punch and sent a letter with a picture of us with the DVD.

If you’re the complete collection type, you could do a lot worse than Amityville: It’s About Time. I know how some series can be a chore.

That’s all for this one folks, I will catch ya down the road with another Repulsive Review soon!

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