They’re Dead and They’re Attacking People

FleshEater Review

It’s not often I watch a zombie movie and have much to complain about. Even the cheapest of the cheap seem to have some sort of redeeming factor in them. A few years back while searching amazon, I came across a film called FleshEater, which was written, directed, and starring Bill Hinzman, the cemetery zombie from the original Night of the Living Dead. How could it not be fantastic, right? Well, I usually don’t make a habit of speaking ill of the dead, but what the hell was going through his mind, when we was creating this movie?

Bill has taken it upon himself to even release an edition of Night of the Living Dead with new scenes he shot, turned black and white, and spliced into the original film. I get that it’s his claim to fame, but FleshEater stretches itself very thin in it’s 88 minute run time.

Filmed on a home video camera with zero cinematography, FleshEater can be downright unbearable to watch… except for laughs. The so-called acting is beyond terrible and lacks any of the class that Romero brought so easily to his films. It may be a bit harsh to compare this to the greats, but you just can’t help it when it features an original zombie from Romero’s film.

The gore effects are amateur and either executed in too much light or not enough light, which will leave gorehounds disappointed and amateur effects artists scratching their heads. Bill clearly has a love and respect for the film that made him a “horror icon,” but as much as I hate to say it, maybe someone should have told him, once was enough.

This is a fun Friday-nighter with the posse, but I highly doubt you will watch it alone and enjoy it. This is just a bad movie and not fun-bad like Troll 2 either. Give it a go, if you’re feeling bold or in the mood for some really bad stuff.

I personally give this movie 1 hay ride out of 5.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    Doesn’t sound good at all, there are better films to watch. I’m not going to try this and risk it to waste my time.

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