I’ll Bust His Liver Loose

Squirm Review


You want a creepy crawly nasty little film to keep you occupied this Halloween? Well look no further than Jeff Lieberman’s Squirm, which slimes its way to Blu-ray October 28th via Shout! Factory — Just in time for those late night horror movie marathons.

Let me just start by saying this bad boy looks amazing; It’s incredible what Shout! can do with such old source material. The Blu-ray of Squirm has a sharp, bright transfer with a lot less “digital noise” than the previous MGM DVD. If you’re a fan of “nature-run-amok” type films, this one is for you. You can almost feel the worms crawling on you.

When a storm knocks out the power of a small southern town, the downed electrical wires hit the muddy southern ground. The ground gets a shock and the worms go crazy. If you are in the dark, beware… they are coming.

The acting is, at times, wonderfully authentic, but can also drift into the ridiculous, which I think adds to this film’s charm. It is a movie about killer worms, so one can’t get too hung up on some corny dialog here and there. What matters is this movie is still creepy and can still make you go “ewww” out loud.

This one gets my seal of approval with 3.5 worms in your egg cream out of 5.

Be sure to pick it up from Shout! Factory’s official store, and tell em’ Rottin’ Roger sent ‘cha!

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    I’ve been really interested in watching this one. Saw it partly and I think I’ll most probably like the entire movie

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