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The Voices Review

The Voices | Repulsive Revidws | Horror Movies

Greetings, my excellent friends. EvildeadInks has returned to review another horror gem. This bad boy also balances with some dark comedy; Tonight we talk The Voices with Ryan Reynolds.

This is a very colorful movie that features Ryan being… well, Ryan with a dark twist. The twist being Ryan has a problem with reality and what’s in his head. The man is disturbed and needs meds to keep the crazy down. He works a factory job, just a regular dude. Kinda portrays a pathetic type with the ladies. Not all of the ladies, however. Ryan also does voiceover work as his characters, dog and cat… yeah, the pets talk to him. Think imaginary friends, but real creatures that only you hear.

In The Voices, things get a bit hairy, when Ryan is taking a coworker out and hits a deer with his car. He hears the deer telling him to ‘finish me off, I’m dying’, and his coworker of course doesn’t hear that.  She just sees this dude pull out a knife and slit a deer’s throat. She flips, he chases, and kinda stabs her by accident. So, might as well finish the job, right?  This is the rabbit hole that brings on the downward spiral for Ryan. He ends up killing more co-workers because after the first one, he was crushing on big time by the way, he takes her head and stuffs it in the fridge. Of course, he talks to the head and it talks back. The head wants her friends, so dude has to kill more people, so the severed head has company.

Ryan’s character is supposed to be taking these meds to keep his crazy at bay, but the one day he does take it, reality is dark and ugly and you kind of don’t blame him for flushing those pills the following day.

The Voices rides that line well of real hardcore crimes, but you feel for this guy. It’s a sad story, but done so well. The movie went pretty under the radar, as far as people knowing about it. I found it purely by accident just watching new trailers one day.

I give this one a 3.5 outta 5 stars. It’s a unique film to say the least — dark comedy personified. Not as easy to come across as most of Ryan Reynold’s filmography. If you can find it, try it out. If you add it to your collection, have fun figuring out where to place it… also feed the cat.

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