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Greetings, my excellent friends. It’s that time again, to travel back to the days of old; It’s time to travel back to Perfection Valley. For handymen Val and Earl, they chose to leave town one damn day too late.  Jaws made you afraid of the water… this was Jaws under the ground, this is Tremors.

First off, I love this movie; It’s a great mix of action, comedy, and horror. In this cinematic adventure, we follow two men living in a very isolated desert environment with about maybe ten other people in this town. Val and Earl are the every men of Perfection Valley, doing whatever work needs doing. They finally decide to pull the trigger and leave town in search of a better life… too late. Giant underground worms are headed their way.

In a slasher style setup, we witness something under the ground killing the residents of this town, one at a time. Circumstances become more and more bizarre in which these bodies are found, and, if you’re Val and Earl, you wonder what the hell is going on. What luck also that these dudes keep finding bodies, trying to leave town. At one point, what’s left of this town decides, hey, you guys need to leave and get the police from the next town over, and send Val and Earl out to save the day.

Here is where things become more apparent as to what is killing off all these people… and sheep. The local store owner names ’em ‘Graboids’ — basically land sharks with a triple headed tongue that harpoons ya’ and is about 25 feet long. It’s a whole load of fun watching these guys find clever ways to combat these graboids by pole vaulting over rocks and going fishing with homemade explosives.

Tremors ended up becoming a franchise with one character carrying over to all the films and that’s Burt, the gun fanatic you wanna make fun of in real life, but if this kinda thing really happened, you’d be like where’s Burt??  The series does change with each film, but to me, it gets bad after part two.  I have yet to see Tremors IV or V; I hear part six is coming, so time to play catch up.

Back to the original film, I feel it has a western vibe to it It’s a lot of fun and appeals to fans of a lot of different film types. You can show this to an action person and they will enjoy it, and you can show this to a horror person and they will enjoy it.

Val and Earl have awesome chemistry on-screen and all of the supporting roles in Tremors are really good. You like everyone here, and that’s not easy to do. I give this one a 4 outta 5 star rating; It’s an anytime type of film. You can watch this morning, noon, or night. You don’t have to be in a certain mindset… the perfect popcorn flick.

Check out Tremors and have a blast, and remember, you can’t make fun of Burt’s lifestyle no more.

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