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The Path to Pet Sematary Review

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Welcome once again to the show that never ends. Today we talk the doc for Pet Sematary, entitled Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary. First off, I am a sucker all day for in-depth documentary videos on classic horror flicks; I was first in line for Never Sleep Again and Crystal Lake Memories. I consume all I can find and waited with high anticipation for this one.

I love the cover art they chose for Unearthed and Untold; It feels very old-school VHS and has a creepy cool vibe to it. Unfortunately, we gotta wait for a physical copy for those, like me, who need to own their cinema in their hands. I bit the bullet, for now, and snagged the digital copy because, well, it was only ten bucks… why not, right?

I had the pleasure of watching this hour and 37 min extravaganza with Rottin’ Roger and we both shared similar stories on Pet Sematary. In our young age, watching this movie, it was awesome and it creeped the hell out of us. Zelda still haunts our dreams… how could she not?

Becoming an adult and now parents, ourselves, we now have harder times with other things in the film and you know what I mean. I also have always been very Martin Riggs about my horror — Kill anyone you want, but no animals… takes me right out.

Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary covers all aspects of the film, from casting to set design and score. It very much carries the vibe of the film in the doc. Excellent job, as well, gathering the cast for interviews, even going as far as extras on the set and the small one-scene roles. Even for a hardcore fan that watches any behind-the-scenes info, listens to podcasts, etc. I learned a few things I didn’t know. One of those things I didn’t know was how they shot the scene where Gage is struck by the 18 wheeler. I feel if you’re a fan of the film, this goes down smooth and if you’re a fan of the recent wave of in-depth docs on horror, you will love it, too.

I didn’t walk away from this thinking, hey, they didn’t cover this or that. It’s all covered… and unearthed. It was cool also to see footage shot on location and matching it to current day footage of the house, the trail, the burial grounds, etc. I can’t do anymore praise than that. It’s one that will fit in well with your collection, if you’re like me and love this stuff. It’s easily another 5 star doc that deserves to be seen by all of us nostalgic for it… it also helps those of us like me who is older now and may not watch the film as much because, well, it’s tougher to watch… Side note: with age and having kiddos, you feel for stuff a lot different from when you was a kid.

The story of Pet Sematary is deep and one that will live forever in the world of horror cinema. It’s the one that scares Stephen King. If you can, rent this on Amazon or Vudu. Hopefully the hard copy comes out soon. You won’t regret it and remember….. sometimes… dead is bettah.

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