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Drag Me to Hell Video Review

Drag Me to Hell | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

After a very long time, the one and only rotting one, Rottin’ Roger DeMarco, is back with another one of his famous video reviews! This time, he comes back with a bang, as he reviews Sam Raimi’s 2009 film, Drag Me to Hell.

Featuring his patented Splatter Facts, Roger is back in full force with his thoughts on a true horror maestro’s return to horror. Hear his thoughts on the gore effects, the one-of-a-kind brand of comedy, and everything else that makes Sam Raimi one of the best the horror genre has ever seen.

Guys, seriously, stop reading this non-sense, scroll down a little bit, press play, and enjoy Roger’s newest review, Drag Me to Hell.  Also, remember to give all of his videos a ‘thumbs up’ and subscribe to his channel, so you don’t miss out on all of his future reviews — Roger’s back and you won’t want to miss any of it!



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