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The Haunted Casino Review

The Haunted Casino

For some horror buffs, Full Moon Pictures is a staple in their collections and is well-known for being a heavyweight in the independent horror scene. Everyone has seen, and probably loves, something from the catalog like Puppet Master, Castle Freak, or the Subspecies films. However, some would argue over the past decade or so, the films have began to lack some of that gnarly nastiness that made them so much fun. While I can’t argue that point very much, I can say that I personally love and truly enjoy nearly the whole catalog of what they have to offer.

Recently, I met Charles Band at Crypticon in Kansas City, and while chatting with him, he pointed me in the direction of a few films that I should give the time of day. The Haunted Casino, which was formerly known as Dead Man’s Hand, was one that he pitched me. I have to say, I really liked this movie, for what it is… it’s a pretty silly, fun time.

When Matthew inherits a casino from his uncle, he and his friends take a road trip to check it out and see if it’s a salvageable business opportunity. What Matthew doesn’t know is his uncle still has a debt that has yet to be squared away… and even the dead come back for what is rightfully theirs.

Sid Haig and Micheal Berryman show up and have some decent moments throughout. It’s obvious that Charles Band knows his limitations and can really stretch a budget to give you just enough to not disappoint. While this film has its flaws, I just can’t really nitpick it very much because I had a pretty easy time watching it, and it never really dragged, despite the action waiting until the last half of the film.

You can check this film out and pretty much all of the Full Moon catalog on www.fullmoonstreaming.com. It’s dirt cheap and it is the Netflix of horror films. Give this one a watch and check out everything else they have to offer!

I personally give this one 2 aces out of 5.

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