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Creepozoids Review

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Full Moon Features has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Whenever I need a break from all of the serious, head-scratching flicks out there, I know I can always rely on Charles Band and his extensive film catalog to give me one hell of a time. Today’s fun came from the 1987 David DeCoteau film, Creepozoids.

The Plot

It’s been six years since the war started. A group of surviving soldiers takes refuge from an acid rain storm in an abandoned laboratory. It doesn’t take long for the crew to see why no one is around, as they are inundated by a whole slew of science experiments gone wrong!

My Thoughts

Creepozoids came out in 1987 when Charles Band and Full Moon were still trying to make quality films. Sure, they knew that with their limited budget, they weren’t ever really going to be making a huge blockbuster hit, but they took themselves seriously and made some kick-ass features. It is a far cry from what they are doing today, in my opinion.

Set in a post-apocalyptic 1998, this film is as cheesy and campy as they get. The cast is extremely small, consisting of only five characters. Two of these cast members are adult film star Ashlyn Gere (going by Kim McKamy here) and 80’s scream queen Linnea Quigley. The acting is actually quite good compared to some of the other Full Moon titles I’ve seen from that late 1980s era and a perfect fit for a sci-fi horror trash flick.

The area in which these old Band-produced films really shine has always been the special effects. Creepozoids is no different in that regard. The special effects team did an amazing job with all of the gooey gore, giant alien insects, mutant rats, and creepy crawling baby.

The Verdict

Creepozoids is a fun flick that you can watch on a Friday or Saturday night with your buddies. It is only 67 minutes long, so it can even act as a little pre-cursor or appetizer to another horror flick of your choosing. It’s not overly complicated, features awesome practical effects, and even has some of that gratuitous Linnea Quigley nudity that we all came to expect from her films back in the day!

The film is out now on Blu-ray from Full Moon Features and can most likely be seen on the myriad of places in which Full Moon streams their filmography these days.

This one gets 3.5 giant mutated rats out of 5, so check it out today!

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