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There’s No Mr. Hyde, is There?

Edge of Sanity Guest Review

Everybody knows the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; it’s a tale that I shouldn’t even have to elaborate on, so I won’t bother boring you with the details that you already know. Instead, I’ll tell you about a small 1989 British horror film directed by Gérard Kikoïne, starring “Psycho’s” own Anthony Perkins as Henry Jekyll and Jack “The Ripper” Hyde. The movie in question is “Edge Of Sanity.”

In this version of the beloved tale, Dr. Jeykll is [...]

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One Hell of a Party

Night of the Demons Guest Review

When I was six years old, while many of my peers in class were watching “Garfield,” I was already into horror movies. Some of my favorite movies from the 80’s revolve around demonic possession and one that particularity comes to mind is the 1988 Kevin S. Tenney directed “Night Of The Demons.” This movie also spawned two terrible sequels and an even worse remake, with a sequel to the remake in the planning stages called “Night Of The Demons: After [...]

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It’s Party Time, Kiddies!

Slumber Party Massacre II Guest Review

Slasher films account for what I would call my favorite type of movie in this genre. Additionally, corny slasher films can be the most fun during a get-together with friends for a movie night. In my opinion, the films in the “Slumber Party Massacre” franchise (yes, there are three official sequels, including “Cheerleader Massacre,” not to mention “Hard to Die” and “Sorority House Massacre” 1 and 2), are some of the best cheesey slasher films to date. Lets revisit what [...]

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