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Slumber Party Massacre II Guest Review

Slasher films account for what I would call my favorite type of movie in this genre. Additionally, corny slasher films can be the most fun during a get-together with friends for a movie night. In my opinion, the films in the “Slumber Party Massacre” franchise (yes, there are three official sequels, including “Cheerleader Massacre,” not to mention “Hard to Die” and “Sorority House Massacre” 1 and 2), are some of the best cheesey slasher films to date. Lets revisit what I always recall being my favorite of the series, “Slumber Party Massacre II.”

This sequel stars Crystal Bernard as Courtney Bates, the younger sister of “the new girl across the street” from the first film in the series. Courtney, along with her female rock band friends decide to spend the weekend in a condo purchased by one of the girls’ parents. Courtney still dreams of her sister, locked away in a mental hospital, and these dreams entail her warning her sister about the killer. Not long after joining her friends and their boyfriends for a weekend of fun, the dreams become reality.

Now, to say this film is a little different than its predecessor would be an understatement — the killer appears around 15 minutes in during one of Courtneys dreams, and right away the only word that comes to mind is “what?” Clad in leather from head to toe, dancing and carrying a guitar, The “Driller Killer” is quite the departure from the normal slasher film.

The film also stars Juliette Cummins, whom horror fans may remember from “Psycho III” and “Friday The 13th Part IV: A New Beginning” and Heidi Kozak, from “Friday The 13th Part VII: A New Blood.” You can see from its actors, its typical b-movie acting, and its focus on nudity and violence that the filmmakers are trying to drive a story that really has no plot. There is even a moment where an impromptu strip pillow fight erupts for no reason at all… and I’m serious. A fun note, though — the police officers’ names would be none other than Officer Voorhees and Officer Krueger.

Atanas Ilitch stars as the Driller Killer, and his acting is the most ridiculous of all, playing his guitar to spin his drill and dancing around like a confused transvestite during the dream sequences. The killer finally shows up around 50 minutes into a movie that only has a running time of 1 hour and 11 minutes total, so you have to endure a full hour of dreams, before we finally see an actual kill. He appears with “lets rock and roll, baby!” and follows up with “its party time, kiddies!” This is the extent of his acting.

The movie follows plenty of what you would expect, such as females standing still and crying, while the killer slowly struts towards her to kill her, and the males of the movie limping around screaming, “he got me, God, he got me.” While the killer has a musical number, dancing to rockabilly music and singing, the remaining partygoers scramble to escape and/or board themselves up in the house where all this ridiculousness is taking place.

The movie ends in a new construction house frame, with the killer spouting more nonsense like “she broke my heart, she made me cry, so don’t you know she had to die.” There are bad fire effects and Courtney wakes up in the very same mental hospital her sister was in.

I finished this viewing of a movie I always remember being very fond of, just confused. It was so bad, it was almost un-watchable, and I enjoy some pretty bad movies. Its a mess, with bad acting, bad effects, and at just over an hour long, it’s not even worth the watch. It did not stand the test of time, but for as bad as it is, it may have never actually been very good at all to begin with.

I give this movie 2 leather guitar straps out of 5.

Raven Hunter is long time friend of Repulsive Reviews writer and webmaster, Frank Fulci. He is an underground hip-hop artist from Salisbury, MD.

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