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And I Want to Know You’re Rotting in Hell

Bat$hit!crazy. Album Review

Bat$hit!crazy. album cover

It is no secret that my love of horror is not strictly prohibited to cinema. Almost everything I love has something horror-related entrenched deep in its roots. It’s no surprise then that my taste in music also happens to stray towards the spooky side of things. Most of the time, you can find me listening to horrorcore rap. Occasionally, however, I also enjoy horror music of the rock persuasion. That is where the band Bat$hit!crazy. comes in with their self-titled [...]

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Hip Hop for Horror Lovers: Natas – Life After Death

Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Natas - Life After Death Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Back in December, as we were approaching the new year, I wrote an article discussing a few hip hop albums that I deemed worthy of a horror movie fan’s attention. Now, months later, I’ve decided to dive a little deeper into the world of “horrorcore” rap with an album that is over 25 years old — Life After Death by the collective known as Natas.

The History

In 1989, Detroit emcee, Esham A. Smith, released his debut album entitled Boomin’ [...]

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Five 2018 Hip Hop Albums for Horror Lovers

Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Five Horrorcore Albums of 2018 Spine-Chilling Spotlight

As I continue to expand the content that is written on this site, I am trying to think of new ways to introduce fans of the horror genre to new things. Things that still heavily involve the type of imagery and imagination they already love, but may be in the dark about… no pun intended.

My love of horror quickly spread to things other than film, at a very early age. I was heavily into hard rock and heavy metal, [...]

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