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Forgive Me Father for I am Sin

The Devil's Hand Review

The Devil's Hand poster

One of my favorite sub-genres is theological horror. There are some really great movies like The Exorcist and Saint Maud, but there are also some really bad ones, as well, like The Remaining and End of Days. Seeing that Karl Mueller wrote this movie and he also wrote/directed one of my favorite found footage movies — Mr. Jones — I decided to give The Devil’s Hand a chance. Worse case scenario, I waste 86 minutes of my time [...]

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One Will Emerge

The Devil's Hand Review

The Devil's Hand

Anyone who has followed my original Horror Facebook page since I started it two years ago knows that I go through phases. I will go a period of time only watching werewolf flicks then completely forget about those and go another period of time watching only found footage films. One phase that I have not re-visited in quite some time has been the one where I watch nothing but supernatural/possession movies. Coincidentally, however, quite a few of the recent films [...]

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