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Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary Review

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary poster

At this point, it is safe to say that there are more horror films out there that I’ve never heard of than ones that I have. While never even hearing of a film is generally a bad thing, there are some rare instances in which I am pleasantly surprised. Luckily, that is the exact case here with Fabricio Bittar’s Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary.

The Plot

A group of YouTube influencers who specialize in the supernatural are in desperate need of taking their operation to the next level. When they are contacted to rid a local school of the Cotton Girl, or Bloody Mary, they are presented with the perfect opportunity to do so. Little do they know, the job that they think will be a quick cash grab turns out to be the one time they will actual encounter a true ghost.

My Thoughts

I didn’t need to know anything about this film to know I was interested in seeing it; The cover art and title alone were enough for me. If worst came to worst, I’d just have sat through another failed attempt at a horror/comedy hybrid flick. Fortunately, however, Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary was much more enjoyable than I could have even hoped for.

This Brazilian film, co-written and directed by Fabricio Bittar, really is everything I ever want in a film that combines both horror and comedy. Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary takes fans back to the days of Dead Alive and Evil Dead where the more ridiculous an idea, the better.

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary takes the best of those films and manages to pay homage to them, while also paving its own path. It isn’t just the outrageous amounts of blood or silly iterations of demonic entity that make this enjoyable though. Sure, those things do play a tremendous role, but those alone do not a good film make.

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary features a cast of talented individuals, none of which I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing perform before. Each character has their own unique personality, whether a major player or just an “extra.” The likes of Dani Calabresa, Leo Lins, Danilo Gentili, and Murilo Couto all do a wonderful job with their roles, providing plenty of laughs and, of course, some scares along the way.

There have been countless films about paranormal investigators hunting supernatural beings. Hell, there have even been more-than-enough horror flicks that try to blend comedy and fright together in this particular situation. I do tend to think that this film just cemented its spot towards the very top of that long list.

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary at Home

If you are like me, chances are you’ve never heard of this one. I highly suggest you change that and grab a copy of the new home release, available from Dark Sky Films and MPI Media Group on Tuesday, March 10.

This new DVD contains the 109 minute feature-film with a 5.1 Brazilian-Portuguese audio track and optional English, English SDH, Portuguese SDH, and Spanish subtitle tracks. The film is presented in a 2.39:1 anamorphic widescreen format.

Sadly, there are zero bonus features present on the home release. I would have truly loved to see some behind-the-scenes featurettes exploring the special effects, cinematography, etc.

The Verdict

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary is a fun flick from start to finish. It is a bit longer than perhaps necessary, but if you can hold your patience together for longer than your average 90 minute film, you’ll have a blast.

This 2018 movie features impressive digital effects, but the true praise belongs to the practical effects seen throughout. Exploding heads, dismemberment, and even demonic fetuses are all present in beautiful bloody glory.

Grab yourself a copy of Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary today, as I give it 4 half-beards out of 5!

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