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LFO Review


When I first got wind of Antonio Tublen’s film LFO, I had some mixed feelings about the film. Would it be too campy? Ridiculously gory? Or a complete mind melt? Well, I am pleased to say that it was pretty much all of the above. From top to bottom, everything works so well that it actually made me compliment it out loud.

Patrik Karlson’s performance is one of a kind. He can make you feel empathy for him and turn around and make you despise the type of person he is, all while the tone and dark humor of the LFO keep you smiling. This is a great example of film making, which I applaud and can only say wonderful things about. It is very reminiscent of something you would see Rod Serling introducing… although it has a dark sexual nature to it.

Fans of foreign films and mind games will adore Antonio Tublen’s ability to write and direct the twists and turns with such purpose. Izabella Jo Tschig and Per Löfberg give wonderful performances as the neighbors of Robert (Patrik Karlson) and ultimately become his test subject for his mind control experiences.

Be sure to pick up LFO from Dark Sky Films, available on VOD/Digital platforms and DVD on Tuesday, October 28.

I give this film 4 frequencies out of 5.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    Sounds like swedish, could be good

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