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No Escape Review

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My last couple of reviews have been about some pretty great titles, a few very worthy of the ‘repulsive’ title. While Daddy’s Little Girl, Charlie’s Farm, and Last Shift may not exactly fit with this next one, horror fans and action fans alike still won’t want to miss out on what it has to offer. John Erick Dowdle’s No Escape is full of action and thrills, from the moment it begins, up until the very end credits.

Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) and his family have moved to Asia, as part of Jack’s job at a new company, one that promises a brighter future. The future doesn’t prove to be so bright, however, as soon after their arrival, it becomes clear that the locals do not want any Americans or other outsiders encroaching their country. Jack, his wife, Annie (Lake Bell), and their two daughters must make it out of the country before they are gunned down just like everyone else around them.

No Escape is an action-packed thriller virtually from start to finish. Within the first 15 minutes of the film, it is made awfully clear that the local folk do not want any foreigners threatening their way of life. From that moment forward, No Escape really doesn’t ever let up, keeping the level of suspense at a maximum for the remaining 90 minutes.

I am used to seeing Owen Wilson in films where he can strut his stuff as the funny man. I am a fan of films like Starsky and Hutch and, of course, Wedding Crashers, but I never realized how versatile an actor Wilson really is. I was blown away by his performance, as I was with every other actor involved in this picture. Lake Bell who I really have never even seen before did wonderfully alongside Wilson, as his wife, Annie, and the young and talented Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare were remarkable as daughters, Lucy and Beeze, respectively. I can’t imagine having to do some of the stuff these youngsters had to do on screen. Yet they did so with what seemed like extreme ease.

On top of this amazing cast of core family members, Pierce Brosnan (Tomorrow Never Dies, GoldenEye) does an amazing job as Hammond, a Brit who the family meet on the plane, and who we later find out is British CIA, or ‘something like that.’ Brosnan was a great fit to No Escape and truly played the role flawlessly. I could definitely see myself trusting my life and the lives of my family in this man’s hands; He had a tough exterior, while maintaining a gentle touch, especially with the frightened children.

No Escape may not be easily classified as simply a horror film, but it certainly is one of the most terrifying I have seen in quite a while. To imagine myself in a foreign land, starting to begin my life anew is already a frightening enough idea, but to then be thrown into an all out war of military versus local rebels is far more paralyzing. I never expected this one to be as emotionally effective as it was. I was pleasantly surprised to feel fear, happiness, and everything in between as I watched this one unfold.

Directed by John Erick Dowdle, No Escape turned out way better than I originally expected from watching the official trailer. It wasn’t until after my viewing of the film that I realized Dowdle is the same man who brought us Quarantine, As Above, So Below, and the much whispered about The Poughkeepsie Tapes. The fact that he has made such other great entries in the horror genre makes my love for No Escape that much more great. I am extremely impressed with his ability as a filmmaker and can not wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

If you like your thrills wrapped in action, No Escape is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Available now on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, pick up your copy today!

This one receives an official Repulsive rating of 4.5 rice cookers out of 5.

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