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13 Eerie Review

My local hotspot for movies runs deals from time to time. They usually have some sort of sale like “buy 3 get 3 free” and if it wasn’t for deals like this, I’d probably miss out on a ton of movies I would pass up otherwise. I happened to snatch up Lowell Dean’s 13 Eerie the other day, based only on the names appearing on the cover; Katharine Isabelle, Brendan Fletcher, and Jesse Moss all have a little bit of weight to their names.

This movie is basically a cross between Mindhunters and The Hills Have Eyes. The effects are actually above average and really keep this from being just another direct-to-video craptastic movie. My only real gripe about this film is that it just doesn’t know when to end. It suffers from multiple ending syndrome, which can leave you irritated, just waiting for the credits to roll. However, I did really have a fun time with this movie.

The cannon fodder cast gets dispatched in some pretty nasty ways and the prisoner/zombie/mutants look gnarly, resembling the vampires from 30 Days of Night. If you want to have fun with a campy, violent film with a couple of genre standouts, then I fully recommend this movie.

I give 13 Eerie 2.5 crime scene kits out of 5.

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