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Rocky Heavyweight Collection Review

I know it’s not horror in any way, but there has to be some of you guys out there that are fans of the Rocky series of films!

How can I review a series of movies that everyone already knows about and adores? I’ll tell you, when they look this good, it actually isn’t that difficult.

The new Rocky Heavyweight Collection contains a beautifully semi-4K remastered version of the first installment in the series, Rocky. I say ‘semi’ because I’ve been told that it isn’t exactly fully 4K just yet, but either way, the transfer looks amazing. It is like the film was just released last year.

While the other films in this specific set haven’t received the same 4K treatment, they are all still remarkably good looking. From the awesome 80’s montages with the catchy music to every memorable fight, the Heavyweight Collection allows fans old and new to relive every moment the way it should be experienced.

I have to say that I’m even impressed by the way this set was packaged. Each film has it’s own disc, and while that may not seem quite like a big deal, it does seem kind of rare with the last few film sets I’ve purchased recently.

In addition to the films themselves and packaging are tons of great special features. Fans are treated to some insightful behind-the-scenes footage, tributes to some of our fallen favorites, interviews, and more.

If you’re looking for the best Rocky collection out today, the Heavyweight Collection is the smart choice. Pick it up from MGM/20th Century Fox today.

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