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Comic Books for Horror Lovers: DCeased

Spine-Chilling Spotlight

DCeased Spine-Chilling Spotlight

It’s no secret that I love horror in any and all forms. While watching films takes up a lot of my free time, I do find myself being somewhat successful in keeping up with some of my other hobbies. One of those other, more enjoyable, ones is collecting and reading comics. There are tons of horror-themed comic books to choose from these days, but it’s always intriguing to me when one of the “big two” gets in on the action. [...]

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Comic Books for Horror Lovers: Crypt of Shadows

Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Crypt of Shadows | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Comics Spine-Chilling Spotlight

When you think of horror in comics, Marvel may not be the first publisher that comes to mind. Depending on your general knowledge of comic books, you may just automatically think of the old EC Comics titles like The Vault of Horror and Tales From the Crypt. You wouldn’t be wrong to think of such standout titles. After all, this is where the ever-adored Crypt-Keeper was first introduced.

Horror History

EC, or Entertaining Comics, wasn’t the only giant in [...]

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Let Me Teach You

Batman vs Robin Review

Batman vs Robin

You guys all know that I need a break from the horror genre once in a while. I’m sure you feel the same way, from time to time. I’ve done it before and I will continue to do so, if not just to give my brain a little break from so much carnage. What better way to do this than with a little comic book animation! Jay Oliva’s Batman vs Robin is just what I needed to break up the [...]

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Now, Your Heart…

Son of Batman Review

If you’re a fan of the site and you’ve been following my personal reviews, you already know that I not only enjoy horror films, but I also love mythology stories and anything having to do with comic books and superheros. It is this love of superheros that has brought me to review Ethan Spaulding’s new animated film, Son of Batman.

Ra’s al Ghul and his League of Shadows’ stronghold has been breached by a former student, Slade Wilson, who [...]

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That Would be Just Fine

Darkman Review

It never ceases to amaze me how many great films have slipped right under my radar. Especially films made by some of my favorite directors. Thanks to the ever-growing library of films distributed by Shout! Factory, I finally get a chance to not only see some of those films, but to also see them in their best presentations to date.

Darkman is one of the most overall entertaining films I’ve seen in a good while. It has something for everyone [...]

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A Nasty Piece of Work

Sparks Review

I’ve been a fan of superheros since before I was a fan of horror. I still have all of my action figures from when I was younger and still have a huge collection of comics, as well. Although Todd Burrows and Christopher Folino’s Sparks is a superhero film, it still has certain elements that any horror fan can appreciate.

Sparks is full of torture, murder, and revenge, which are all things we see in horror films on a daily basis. [...]

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