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You Want a Taxi?

Devil's Due Review

Devil's Due

It seems like my last handful of reviews have been on the negative side, so I wanted to change that. I remember Frank telling me, when he saw Devil’s Due, that he was almost sick to his stomach from the jittery camera work and that the film was overall unimpressive. Our opinions differ from film to film, so I thought, “I’ll probably really dig this one. Especially since I’m a huge found footage fan.”

While most people have had [...]

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We’re Having a Baby

Devil's Due Guest Review

Devil's Due

I wish that I could say you need a strong stomach to see Devil’s Due because it’s so disgusting and cringe-worthy that you need to leave the room before you get sick, but sadly, this is not the case. In fact, the reason you may need to look away before your popcorn repeats on you is because of the excessive and unnecessary shakiness of the handheld cameras that this found footage film consists of. There should be a warning beforehand [...]

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