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I Don’t Want to Die in Canada

Tusk Guest Review


Funny. Gory. The most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. Funnyman Kevin Smith directs the horror movie Tusk, based on a strange Craigslist ad he saw a few years back. It has Smith’s usual witty humor along with moments that made my jaw drop and my face cringe. It is very dialogue-heavy, as are many Kevin Smith movies, with great camerawork and amazing special effects makeup on Justin Long.

After seeing the movie and discussing it with people, something that [...]

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We’re Having a Baby

Devil's Due Guest Review

Devil's Due

I wish that I could say you need a strong stomach to see Devil’s Due because it’s so disgusting and cringe-worthy that you need to leave the room before you get sick, but sadly, this is not the case. In fact, the reason you may need to look away before your popcorn repeats on you is because of the excessive and unnecessary shakiness of the handheld cameras that this found footage film consists of. There should be a warning beforehand [...]

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The Family or Death

Kill Katie Malone Guest Review

Though it got a low rating online, the 2010 indie horror film Kill Katie Malone is definitely worth checking out. With similarities to the 2012 movie The Possession, the plot revolves around an antique box with a ghostly spirit living inside of it that threatens its new owners. Writer/Director Carlos Ramos Jr. did an excellent job. Some of the dialogue is cheesy, but otherwise, much of it sounds very natural to be coming out of college students’ mouths. However, [...]

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Yo, She-bitch…Let’s Go

Army of Darkness Guest Review

If you are going to watch “Army of Darkness,” I would assume that you already know that it is the third installment in the “Evil Dead” series directed by Sam Raimi. However, if you are not aware of this, and if it wasn’t for the three-minute recap of the first two movies, you wouldn’t really know that this is a part of that series. The first two “Evil Dead” films were so similar to each other, whereas this movie takes [...]

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I’m Just Crazy About This Store

Intruder Guest Review

Though it had great potential, being the same creators as the Evil Dead series, Intruder (1989) just fell flat. Written and Directed by Scott Spiegel, the storyline is original because not many horror movies take place in supermarkets. However, the dialogue is so cheesy that it cannot be taken seriously and the acting is poor. The only actor that really sold his role is the killer, played by Dan Hicks. His facial expressions, mannerisms, and tone of voice are right [...]

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