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It Gets What It Wants

Circus of the Dead Team Review

Circus of the Dead

Some of you might have read my review for Doll Boy awhile back, and if you did, you probably remember the gigantic list of awards that it won. Well, Doll Boy’s nasty little creators are back and they have really out done themselves this time.

Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon and the equally disturbed Lee Ankrum have created a nasty new little film called Circus of the Dead and I’m here to tell you folks… this one goes above and beyond [...]

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That Nutjob’s Hammer

Doll Boy Review

In August, when I went to Crypticon in Kansas City, I met a ton of people pushing independent projects. Among those people, I met a fella named Gary Cooper who helps run Slaughter Movie House. They screen and promote independent horror in a big way. He gave me some promotional material for a movie called “Doll Boy,” which immediately peaked my interest. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any copies of the DVD. It took me a few months to acquire the [...]

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