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Find Anything Good?

Inner Demons Review

Inner Demons

Possession movies have been around for a very long time and they are not going away anytime soon. It is safe to say that the same can be said about found footage films. Naturally, this makes for a great pairing, as seen plenty of times before in films like The Last Exorcism, The Taking of Deborah Logan, The Atticus Institute, etc. Seth Grossman decided to take this idea and run with it, as well, with his newest [...]

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He Looks Like a Gay Skeletor

The Jokesters Review

The Jokesters

In my last review, I stated that it was a hugely surprising disappointment to expect a great movie and to receive a crappy one. It happens all the time. What happens more rarely though is the expectation of a bad or mediocre flick, only to receive an awesome one in return. That’s exactly what happened here with AJ Wedding’s The Jokesters.

Four friends are the stars of a YouTube-like online prank show sensation called the “PrankMasters.” After a successful [...]

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All the Way for Studio Red

The House with 100 Eyes Review

The House with 100 Eyes

A little over a month ago, I reviewed the anniversary release of a documentary about the legend of snuff films entitled Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera. It is only fitting that I chose this next film for review as it fits perfectly into the snuff mix. Artsploitation’s release of The House with 100 Eyes, directed by Jay Lee and Jim Roof, is a decent entry in the found footage sub-genre that brings plenty of blood and [...]

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Today Was a Good Day

An Irish Exorcism Review

An Irish Exorcism

I’ve been pretty disappointed with the most recent possession-related films I’ve watched, so just the thought of another entry in the sub-genre is a rather daunting one. Still, intrigue got the best of me and I caved, deciding to give Eric Courtney’s An Irish Exorcism a fair shot. Luckily for me, Courtney and his small cast/crew were able to wipe that bitter taste from my mouth that its recent exorcism counterparts had left.

Lorraine (Aislinn Ní Uallacháin) has convinced her [...]

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I’m Sure It’s Fine

Dark Mountain Review

Dark Mountain

Roger and I have both been huge supporters of found footage films ever since they started popping up left and right and seemingly over-saturating horror cinema. Lately, however, I have been losing interest and the last few that I’ve seen have been rather disappointing. Just when I start losing faith, a movie that I’ve never even heard of swoops in and saves the day for anyone and everyone who ever wanted to make another found footage film again. Today, that [...]

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You’re a Crazy Lunatic

As Above, So Below Review

As Above, So Below

I have to admit that I don’t quite get all of the hate that horror fans have for studio films. What’s wrong with taking what you enjoy and making it look and sound better by putting tons of money behind it? I guess if you like the old, beat-up, grimy feel of the grindhouse flicks from decades ago, the hate kind of makes sense, but I feel bad for you if you are one of these fans who doesn’t see [...]

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