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There’s No Need to Strangle Me

Strip Nude for Your Killer Review

Strip Nude for Your Killer movie review

There seems to be no shortage of Giallo making their way to Blu-ray these days. The more the merrier I say, as for the most part, they are usually pretty damn enjoyable. Read on to see if the same can be said for Andrea Bianchi’s Strip Nude for Your Killer.

The Plot

The Albatross modeling agency is being targeted, as models, photographers, and more fall victim to a faceless killer. Can Magda (Edwige Fenech) and her playboy boyfriend, Carlo [...]

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All That and Much More

All the Colors of the Dark Review

All the Colors of the Dark | Repsulive Reviews | Horror Movies

Even with all of my shelves overflowing with home media, it is extremely difficult for me to choose something to watch each and every time I sit down to enjoy a movie. There are certain moods one has to be in in order to watch certain sub-genre of horror cinema. Tonight struck me as the perfect time to watch Sergio Martino’s All the Colors of the Dark.

The Plot

After a car accident that caused the loss of her [...]

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It Just Stings a Little

The Stendhal Syndrome Review

The Stendhal Syndrome | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

There have been a number of times that I’ve changed my mind about a particular film, instances where I’ve gone from hating a movie the first time seeing it, only to enjoy it immensely during my next visit. That seems to be the case, once again, with Dario Argento’s 1996 film, The Stendhal Syndrome.

Officer Anna Manni (Asia Argento, Demons 2, The Church) is trying to catch a serial killer that the department has been tracking for [...]

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Give Her an Impulse

Masks Review

Masks | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

My last review (The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein) showed what Nico B. and the folks behind the scenes of ReelGore Releasing are bringing to the table, so to speak — splatter flicks for all of the gore fiends out there. While that fact does remain evident, their second official release relied less on viscera and more on atmosphere and psychological suspense. The film I’m describing is Andreas Marschall’s Masks.

After another failed audition, Stella (Susen Ermich) is [...]

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I Don’t Think They Agree With You

The Evil Eye Review

The Evil Eye

In the world of Italian horror, there are many familiar names. Sergio Martino, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, and Michele Soavi are a few among the many that really stick out in the minds of genre fans around the world, all creating memorable films, some of which date to as far back as the early 1960’s. As much as I have attempted to get my hands on the works of these horror maestros, there are always tons more that [...]

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Right Between the Eyes

Stagefright Review


When you’ve worked closely with the maestros of Italian cinema for years, it is safe to say you’ve learned from the best. Michele Soavi proved this, in 1987, with his directorial debut, StageFright.

A crew of performers are working on perfecting their stage show for an upcoming play. At the same time, a killer escapes from the local institution and finds his way to the place where the rehearsals are taking place. After murdering one stagehand, the killer gets [...]

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