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Let’s Take Off Your Mask

Haunt Review

Haunt poster

From time to time, there are horror flicks that garner a lot of attention. They are touted as being “the best” or some other overly exaggerated term that disregards all of the other “best” movies that came before. I generally get pretty frustrated with these because, more often than not, I do not agree with those powerful opinions. One of the latest making a commotion amongst fans is Haunt, directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Guys, this movie [...]

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The Silence Had a Voice

Haunt Review


It’s nice to see that indie filmmakers can still pull off supernatural movies just as well as, if not better than, the major studios can. I’ve seen, and loved, almost all possession, haunting, ghost movies I can get my hands on from The Exorcist to The Conjuring. Those films, like many others, brought originality and legitimate terror to the big screen and I’m glad to say that Mac Carter has done the same with his 2013 tale, Haunt. [...]

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