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A Far Superior Film

Halloween II Video Review


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I Guess I Just F*ck Up All the Time

Halloween II Review

Halloween II | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Movies

The new Halloween is heading right for us this October, but before it wipes the slate clean, I figured I’d review 1981’s Halloween IIIn the name of Ben Tramer, who will never be forgotten, this one’s for you.

Halloween 2 is my personal favorite in the franchise for many reasons.  It can be played back-to-back with the original, it ups the ante for the body count, the backstory is revealed, and The Shape gets a fitting end… or [...]

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Don’t Mind if I Do

Provoked Team Review

My previous experiences with low-budget, independent horror films have never really gone that great. With poor acting, shoddy effects, and shaky camera work, indie flicks usually leave me wishing I hadn’t even wasted my time pressing play. Now, there are a few occasions where I do come across a hidden gem in the pile of manure that’s out there and lucky for me, Jordan Pacheco’s “Provoked” certainly leans more towards the gem side of the spectrum.

The acting kind of [...]

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