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You Look Like a Massive “C” Word

Anna and the Apocalypse Review

Anna and the Apocalypse poster

I’m not sure what is going on with the Universe, but time flies by way too quickly nowadays. Unfortunately, as I get older, that all seems to happen even more rapidly. As if the year didn’t speed by quickly enough on its own, I’ve decided to help things along by watching a film which takes place during Christmas time. The film I am referring to is John McPhail’s Anna and the Apocalypse.

The Plot

After a zombie outbreak overtakes [...]

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That’s So Boss

The Devil's Carnival Review

The Devil's Carnival

I was a fan of Repo! The Genetic Opera from the first time I viewed it. I’ve since watched it at least 10 more times and have grown to love it more with every viewing. While his second horror musical may not be as memorable, Darren Lynn Bousman’s The Devil’s Carnival is still quite entertaining and highly creative.

Told in the form of three separate, but still intertwined, ‘Aesop’s Fables,’ The Devil’s Carnival is about three individuals who have committed [...]

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Now I’m Forever Haunted

Stage Fright Review

Stage Fright

Horror genre musicals aren’t a new idea, but there has been somewhat of a resurgence of them in the past few years. I loved Darren Lynn Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival, but I may have a brand new favorite with Jerome Sable’s 2014 foray into the sub-genre, Stage Fright.

Ten years after her mother’s death, Camilla (Allie MacDonald) is chosen to perform in the revival of the summer camp musical, “The Haunting of the [...]

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